Janac FAQ's

Janac Mastectomy Wear

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Been-A-Boob®?
The Been-A-Boob® is a prosthetic device available many different sizes. It can be worn by women with altered, removed or different sized breasts to balance their appearance. It is filled with little beads that mold to any shape of bra that you put it in.


Why should I try the Been-A-Boob®?
The Been-A-Boob® is made of soft fabric which simulates a natural breast. It will not make you hot. It will fill in areas where it is needed. It is fully washable. It can be worn in a swimsuit, a regular mastectomy bra and the janac sportsbra.


How expensive are they?
janac has created a quality product that is affordable for all women who have gone through this devastating disease. You will find it an inexpensive product that will make you feel comfortable and confident.


Will you be able to see the beads through my bra?
The beads we use are very fine so you won’t be able to see the beads through your bra.


Will the beads make a noise when I walk?
No, the beads will compact into one solid mass when properly fitted into a bra, bra-tank or swimsuit.


How do you accept payment?
You simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the order products page, this will take you to our shopping cart where you may continue to purchase items or pay for an item. Shipping will be calculated depending on your location and the weight of items purchased. You may pay by credit card via Paypal. You will automatically be taken to a secure area to enter your credit card information if you choose that option. No credit card information is kept on file or held by janac. You will automatically receive an order confirmation.


Can I place a special order?
Custom orders are available for all janac products. To place a custom order, send us an email stating your requirements. We will do our best to accommodate all requests.


Is any special washing or care required?
For maximum durability; it is recommended that all janac products be hand washed and laid flat to dry. After hand washing the Been-A-Boob® take a towel and squeeze out the excess water, lay flat to dry, but give it a shake every now and then to release any trapped water.


Is the Been-A-Boob® prosthesis/ breast form right for you?
If you have had a full mastectomy, OR if your breasts are noticeably different in size, choose either the Spirit, Heart or Angel Been-a-Boob prosthesis/breast form. If you have had a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy the Freedom or Enhance may be the right shape for you.


How does it compare with other prostheses?
It is lightweight.
It is cool.
It will fill in areas where it is needed.
It is fully washable.
It can be worn in a swimsuit
It can be worn in any regular or mastectomy bra
It can be worn in janac Sports bras and bra tanks 


Where can I get the Been-A-Boob® prosthesis/ breast forms?
Order on-line or call 289-337-1508