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 janac would like to thank all customers who have expressed their satisfaction with the janac customer service and products. The following are selected comments from our clients;


I love my Been-a-Boob! Thanks for suggesting it!


Burlington ON 2018


Finally a breast form I feel comfortable in.

It fits me so well !  I have many lumps and bumps on my chest and The Been- a -Boob fits into all the nooks and crannies.

Margaret Oakville 2018


Thank you for your great customer service!  It is rare these days that companies provide good service as advertised.  I commend you for this.   I received my mastectomy sportsbra and love it!  It came in 2 days as you estimated, so I was very happy.

Regards,  Lynn

Toronto July 2015 


I have to tell you, I received my first order from you this week and loved it so much I immediately placed another order. I’ve been looking everywhere for a good, comfortable sports bra with a back that suits many of my exercise tops. Thanks so much! I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again – these bras are so comfy I will probably wear them outside the gym!

All the best

Kanata, ON


Re: My Girls Cream

I underwent 35 radiation treatments for breast cancer – at the highest Rad units used. By the third week of treatment, I was seeing blistering skin on other patients at my radiation unit. At the end of my treatment, I had only the slightest bit of reddening, which did not worsen after treatment was complete. I continued to use the cream daily for several months after treatment.

My friend is currently undergoing radiation and is using the cream. She loves it, and her skin is looking really good.
I’m so glad I sent it to her!

The product is amazing!

March 2014


Hi Janet
Here is another reason why women should be able to choose been-a-boobs over silicone. I just returned from Houston Texas. I had a 3 day wedding to attend so took a couple of been-a-boobs and my older, silicone sticky boob. I placed the silicone in its case, plus one been also in the case and wore the second b-a-b. While passing through security, I was pulled over to have my carrying on examined (after I went through the full body scanner). The agent was kind and when he pointed out that it was something in the blue case I asked if it could be my prosthesis. As he lifted it, my b-a-b fell out. He was not interested but took the silicone back to be x-rayed again. After about 10 minutes, he came back and said yes, that was it. I asked if the b-a-b was a problem. “No, ma’am.”
I will never buy a silicone again and this is just one more reason.

Thanks for listening to my rant. After a quick search on the web, this is a common problem and for women who can only feel best with a silicone, there needs to be better training.
Feb 2014


Hi Janet,
Thank you so much for my new Been-A-Boobs and bra. “So” comfortable! I am getting my confidence back thanks to you.
Kind regards
Feb 2014


Hi Janet

Have just got back from my holiday in America. Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your letter and for the Been a Boob!It was fantastic. It was comfortable throughout the entire 10 hour flight, cool and remained in situ!

As the weather in Las Vegas was in the 40’s I was delighted to find that even after a gruelling 10 hour day visiting the Grand Canyon I still remained comfortable and dry. For a large busted woman (42D) this has been a godsend.

Thank you so much.

June 2013


I just received my Been-A-Boob and I absolutely love it!!!  It is so comfortable and it feels and looks like I just got my natural breast back.  What an amazing product and your service is outstanding!

I am extremely pleased.   I will be sure to recommend the Been-A-Boob to everyone I know that has endured Breast Cancer.

Thanks again!
June 2013


I love my been-a-boob and am getting a new one for my bras, I will use the old one in my mastectomy swimsuit! I still remember your kindness and warm spirit when you helped me with my orders last year, thank you!
April 2013
Beverly MA


I have received my order and I am very happy with the same.  I am looking forward to wearing it this summer when I golf.  I am sure it will be much cooler and lighter than the prosthesis I now have.  I will certainly recommend your product to anyone needing a prosthesis.  It sure is nice to be able to wear a sports bra comfortably again. I have not had my swim suit on yet, but I am sure it is going to work. Thanks.

April 2013


Hi Janet

Received my Been-A-Boob and Bra-Tank yesterday (Tuesday, March 18) and they are fine. I think that the bra-tank will be a Godsend, especially when travelling. I find that during long, overseas flights my bra starts to become really uncomfortable under my bust and this top will provide more comfort. Just a light blouse over top and it will look really good, The Been-A-Boob will be fine when I get a new swimsuit. The two I am currently using are chlorine resistant but the linings have lycra in them and the chlorine takes all the stretch and oomph out of them so the pockets won’t hold a weighted prosthesis. I have been wearing an old bra with an older prosthesis under my suit and that works once the lining goes. The Been-A-Boob will also be good for golfing as it isn’t plastic with gel fill and should be more comfortable and less hot. Please put me on any mailing lists you may have relating to new product lines if you expand your offerings.

March 2013


I took the Ajust-A-Bab to my Mother-In-Law in Cuba and she was ecstatic. She’d been staying inside her house because she couldn’t face going out with one breast. When we put the A-A-B inside her bra, she had the biggest smile on her face. We removed some of the beads to make it exactly her size. We even went to the beach, she said she felt like her old self, it felt so natural. Thank you for an amazing product which is so cost efficient compared to other ones on the market.
Feb 27 2013


I got my new Aggie Bra in the mail two on Monday and I totally love it.  I was sort of surprised that the smaller size not just fits better, but is more comfortable.  I guess if it is too big, it puts more stress on areas where it shouldn’t.  Anyhow, as always, I am thrilled and will be ordering another.  They are the only bra I wear 99% of the time.

Thank you!
July 2012


Hi Janet , I just want to tell you that for the first time, I didn’t come home and rip my bra off because I was uncomfortable, I even fell alseep with my new comfortable boob, and I have never done that before with my regular prosthetic. The Been a Boob acted just like my other breast and squished when it should have and moved when it needed to. I just love it!!! So I am thinking I should get another one, so if one gets wet I have one that is dry.
Cheers Colleen
August 7, 2012


Hi Janet
Wore my new boob today and it was great – I now have 2 the same size – something that didn’t apply when they were both real.  I’m very pleased and will promote whenever I can.

All the best
Jane , England
April 2012


Thank you so much!  I feel human again! The Been-A-Boob is so comfortable it feels part of me.
Joan, Scarborough
March 2012


My order arrived this afternoon and I must say this gift is the most
exciting I’m going to be giving this Christmas! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer last month and had her breast removed a few weeks ago! She is feeling uncomfortable in her own skin so I’m hoping this makes her feel whole again! I saw you months ago on the dragons den and thought what a great idea I’m sure my mother and I will be doing business with you again!
Your idea is fantastic! Thanks so much and happy holidays

Dec 2011


Dear Janet
Three years ago we went to New Zealand for 2 months to stay with our son, his wife and our one and only precious little grand-daughter.  When I came home my silicone prosthesis burst!  (Luckily, I had kept an old one.)  The lady at the hospital, where I am allowed a new one every 3 years, blamed the extreme heat in N.Z.

We are due to return to N.Z. for 2 months in December (the little grand-daughter now being 7) so, when I saw the Been-a-Boob in the Nicola Jane catalogue I sent for one.  I thought it would be better in hot weather.  Also, I have a prosthesis for swimming, but have to squeeze my arms across my chest – as if I was freezing – to drain the water out of the now water-laden prosthesis!

I have worn the Been-a-Boob for two days in my mastectomy bra’ and find it so comfortable.  My remaining boob is small and the B/B is perfect on the other side!  I find the silicone in the pocket makes me very hot and sticky in warm weather – even in Scotland.  I can’t  imagine that will be the case with the B/B..

I honestly feel as if I never want to wear the silicone one again.  Although I keep as active as I can, unfortunately I am not involved in sports any more as I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, but I have hated the heavy silicone boob for the last 15 years.  When I take my bra off, I invariably drop it!   Not so with the Been-a-Boob.  Thank you for inventing it.

Lastly, having R.A. sometimes my fingers are very sore and persuading the silicone prosthesis into my mastectomy bra pocket can be very painful.  Not any more!  My new little boob can be popped in with no effort.

Patricia, Scotland
September 2011


My Sports Bra arrived in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how thrilled I am with it.  I have been wearing your bras exclusively for years (except for that painful, twice-a-year event when I have to wear an underwire bra to a wedding)… I noticed that you have made some changes and I really like them.  The front of the bra is higher- and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.  I have larger breasts, so it is quite noticeable that my breast is missing if I have a lower-cut top.  Yay!  I also like the self-coloured (white) lining.  The last one I bought was flesh-coloured and could be noticeable on occasion.

I loved the original and was surprised that I love the new one even more.  I will be ordering more soon so that I have a wardrobe of colours!

Thank you for making my life so much more comfortable and please keep up the great work!

Pat, BC


Once I got the right size, my been-a-boobs have been in and out of bathing suits, sports and regular bras all summer. I’m a dragon boater and Lake Simcoe gets rough- so we get very wet and the BAB dries very quickly. I bought both a round and a heart shape- even without ADP support, they were much less than one prosthesis. I prefer the heart-shape in my bathing suits, pocketed or not, and the round in my regular bras.
Your service is excellent- even when I screw up my on-line order- and very fast. Thanks janac,

Janice, August 2011


Thank You! I will be shopping again with you as the been-a-boob is the only breast form I can wear with comfort. I have shoulder problems and I just cannot tolerate the weight of silicon… Thank YOU so much for making a product I can wear, and I sure will talk about this at local support groups!
Denise, June 2011


I purchased a been-a-boob shortly after surgery almost one year ago and wear it every day.  Thanks to Janet the fit and size is perfect in appearance and comfort.  My job requires me to present a professional appearance at all times and the been-a-boob helps me to achieve this.  Thanks for the confidence.

Arlaine, Hamilton 2011


I am so glad, I stumbled onto your website. When first searching for my new bra, local sizers told me that sports bras for mastectomy patients were not available and that I was just going to have to adjust. I have always been physically active throughout my life and wish to continue. Cancer changes your life in many ways and it was unacceptable that it would interfere with my daily activity because an active-wear bra was not available. Fortunately, I kept looking and found you. The Anna bra is one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn.
Thank you for all you do!

Irene, Georgia, USA


Thank you does not begin to cover my gratitude to you Janet. I am 41 and was 5 weeks post mastectomy when I ordered my Been A Boob from a retail store. I was told it would be delivered within three days, leaving me a few days before leaving for a family vacation. I was devastated the day before I left when I was told it had been lost somewhere in transit and I couldn’t bare the thought of going away with a D cup on one side, and nothing on the other. On the morning I was to leave, Tracy (from the retailer) was able to get ahold of Janet to explain the urgency of my situation. Janet drove to my home from Burlington to personally deliver a “Boob” to me with 45 minutes to spare.
I cannot thank Tracy and Janet enough. It is women like this that will make my journey that much easier.

Trish, London, Ontario 2011


P.S. My new boob fits perfectly and fills me with confidence

I love my new BOOBS…LOL


I live in South Manchester, England and I had a radical mastectomy almost 25 years ago in June 1986. I have had quite a number of prostheses in various sizes and shapes but I have never been totally happy with any of them………….until now!! I recently purchased a Been a boob and I cannot believe the difference in the confidence I have especially whilst swimming. It gives me a far better shape than any of the silicone prostheses with a very natural feel without that feeling of weight with the swimsuit pulling away from you when you bend over. I hasten to say that I have now ordered a second one which will enable me to wear them everyday. The Been a boob is a great “leveller” in more ways than one and I would recommend them to any lady who has a breast problem.

Thank you so much, Regards
Christine, Manchester, England


I simply love this BAB. It is so light, comfortable, it is not hot at all and it fits perfectly. It looks so natural, there is no way anyone would know I have had a mastectomy, not that it bothers me but it is nice to be able to dress up and have clothes fit everywhere. The silicone one never looked this good and it was soooo heavy.

Cher, ON


If anyone from Nova Scotia asks, I received my re-imbursement for the cost of it with no problem from MSI our provincial health care.  When I spoke to the woman at the drugstore in Bridgewater she didn’t know if it would be covered or not.  I just had to write a letter stating why I bought what I did.  I merely said there wasn’t a product locally that suited my needs.
Pamela NS
November 2010


As I march through life and am more and more comfortable talking about all that transpired this year for me, I always end my story with how traumatic the purchasing of the prosthesis was and how thankful I am that I heard about your product.    (So, although I don’t actually whip it out, I certainly am talking about it!)   That step really was the worse part of the entire ordeal and your help and your product really got me through it.  I totally forget about it everyday after I get dressed.  It feels so natural and comfortable.

if anyone from Nova Scotia asks, I received my re-imbursement for the cost of it with no problem from MSI our provincial health care.  When I spoke to the woman at the drugstore in Bridgewater she didn’t know if it would be covered or not.  I just had to write a letter stating why I bought what I did.  I merely said there wasn’t a product locally that suited my needs.

Pamela NS
November 2010


Dear Janet:
I want to thank you for making a prosthesis that fits me perfectly.  Because of its pliability it fills in the cavity that developed from all of my surgeries.  The size 7 seems to adapt well to my  three different bras and I am happy as can be!  My only con would be that it is much firmer than a prosthesis but I can live with that!  I wish I could find them in a local store.  I am going to contact Susan’s Special Needs and let her know how happy I am.  Maybe she can keep a few on hand.

By the way, how long is its shelf life because I wear it every day (even with dress clothes and exercise clothes).

Thanks again for bringing me some peace in my ongoing battle to find the perfect prosthesis!

Sincerely, Miriam C
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September 2010


Dear Janet;
I received my order yesterday and everything is perfect!  It was the final step to be completed in this difficult time, and now I feel I can move onward.  For whatever reason I found the search for and sizing of the prothesis most stressful.  Thank you for your help, and I think my Been-A-Boob is totally awesome!

August 2010


Hi there Janet,

Women are indeed wonderful! I’m a year into surviving a mastectomy.
Yesterday I discovered Been a Boob, wore it out of the shop, and the rest of the day. (I was away from home). It was wonderful, all day!

I wore a silicone prosthesis into the shop, it went into the carry out bag.
Thank you for all the thought and work you have given to this problem. I was feeling a definite letdown with products offered at a very costly price.

I’m feeling this prothesis will be my favourite, it is so comfortable.

Thank you
Jean BC, March 2010


I must tell you that I couldn’t be happier with my new been a boob.  I don’t even know I am wearing it.

Carol BC, January 2010


Hi Janet !  It was wonderful talking to you this morning. Thank you for inventing Been-A-Boob. It sure has been an answer for me.  I have had breast cancer twice with an implant reconstruction on my right. The implant dropped and I had it removed recently and stumbled upon Been-A-Boob. I now am symmetrical for the first time in nearly 2 years.  The Been-A-Boob is cool and light weight and not hard like my previous prosthesis. As an RN with more than 30 years experience, I feel as if Been-A Boob is the prosthesis of the future. I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues. I just ordered another set of Been-A-Boobs so I will always have a fresh set. Thanks again!

Dawn RN, April 2010


We received this from a client who purchased the new “Sue” bra

Janet – it is my pleasure to spread the word about such a fantastic product. I love the new design. It is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn.

Peggy/March 2010


Thank you so much, you saved my life where a prosthesis is concerned.  I wasn’t sure how I was ever going to feel comfortable again,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jeanetta, October 2009


Hi Janet, the bra arrived late this afternoon & it fits perfect. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all the time you have spent to make me a very happy satisfied customer. The “Been A Boob” fit’s very well & is quite comfortable & again Thank you.

Maureen, Feb 2009


Dear Janet,
I’m so glad I found you!! It really does help to wear something that you feel comfortable in. Have one bathing suit converted which I will be able to take with me.
Thanks for the good conversations we’ve had about “other things”.
You’ve made me feel better during those times.
So long “my sister”.
Thanks again.
Char, December 2008

Wow, amazing, these are the words that i could use to describe the been a boob. I had my mastectomy at age 28, now i’m 33. I’ve been searching for years for a more affordable product to use when i just don’t feel like wearing the regular prosthesis or when i want to go swimming. My regular prosthesis i wore swimming until it split open now i’m afraid to wear it swimming (although it has been fixed) i just don’t want to take a chance with it anymore. I’m still undecided about reconstruction surgery, so i bought your product (a little sceptical) and am truly amazed at the feel and look of it in my bra. Thanks so much for inventing a more affordable alternative to the heavy prosthesis that i used to wear everyday.

Lee Anne, Kirkland Lake June 2008


Thanks for the refund, and your message. I am soooooooo happy with my new boob, thank you! I have not had the chance to go swimming yet but I have been wearing it every day and it fits in all my bras – no more worries about the wire damaging it or something equally ghastly. I don’t worry about carrying the rabbits anymore, and it feels so light! I will certainly order more when needed. Many many thanks again.Thank you also for bringing several sizes with you on your visit to the UK and send them directly for me to try, it kept shipping costs to a minimum!

Best wishes,
Marie x
Cambridge, England May 2008


Quick note to let you know I really love my Been-A-Boob®. It looks so natural, my chest is perfectly balanced, moves with me and is extremely comfortable. I even wore in hot tub on the weekend! I have tried other prosthesis, but yours is the best and have no hesitation recommending Been-A-Boob®. Thanks for making me look & feel great.


Anne/ Ontario March 2008


I purchased my BaB after seeing you on Dragons’ Den. I have been very pleased with it. I have just returned from a two week winter holiday and wanted to let you know that for the first time in 17 years I was able to feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit. The gel prosthesis was too heavy and any homemade efforts were fine until they were wet and they never dried properly. The BaB was great and dried quickly.

Valerie/ Ontario March 2008


Dear Janet – just wanted to let you know my order arrived – I wore my Been a Boob and Anna bra all day yesterday and worked out this morning and have to tell you that already it has changed my life. I had a left radical mastectomy in 1994 at the age of 44, and have been struggling with what’s been on the market all this time – heavy, uncomfortable, hot. When I found your website, I was so excited and and now know rightly so. Thank you so much for doing this and helping to improve the lives of so many of us.

Sylvia / USA Feb 2008