Camisole Project - Fundraising

Camisole Project provides services in Burlington Ontario, Oakville and Halton Region.

We do not ship outside of our local area.

The “The Camisole Project” was founded over 10+ years ago to help women in our community going through surgery for Breast Cancer.

For the first few years we provided women with a free, comfortable post surgical camisole with drain pouches, a heart shaped pillow and a compassionate ear to listen to their fears and concerns.

As the years went on we expanded the Camisole Project to include a FREE Because.We.Care package with many helpful items in it to prepare these women for surgery.

Our partners in the community stepped forward to help us raise money each year so we could continue to offer this special package to women going through a devastating time in their lives.

We have been honoured and humbled be able to work with our clients, our donors, our sponsors, our friends and our communities to donate this package to women across the GTA. We all want the same basic thing, for every woman to feel as comfortable as possible at this critical time.

post surgical camisole and because we care package

This Because.We.Care. Package is just for you -because we DO care and want you to know that as you face this breast cancer surgery and diagnosis you are not alone. We have included items that we know from experience will be helpful to you:

A post-surgical camisole that will make the days following surgery so much more comfortable with drains, a heart shaped pillow for under your arm that will help with the discomfort of a lymph node surgery, a journal and pen for you to use for taking notes at doctor’s appointments, and to write down important things you don’t want to forget, baby wipes to use after surgery when bathing or showering isn’t recommended but you still want to freshen up! A pair of cozy socks while you wait for surgery or tests, or just want to relax.

A pack of Kleenex – no explanation required xo, a toothbrush and toothpaste and last but not least, an all-natural lip balm and hand cream.

This is a challenging and life changing experience, and to you we wish so much strength, grace, hope and love.

Yes, the camisole was amazing and helped me a great deal, especially with managing leakage with a faulty plug on one of the drains. It was able to hold the drain pouches upright in the pockets. It was perfect. And I felt more comfortable and in control.


Sponsorship and Donations:

 “The Camisole Project” relies on Fundraisers, Sponsors, Donations and Gifts in Kind for our Because.We.Care packages.

We thank you in advance for any support you can give. 

If you would like to have a 3rd party fundraiser for our cause please don’t hesitate to contact Barb Daize at

Donate Now

Donations collected for The Camisole Project are used to subsidize items that are put in the packages. These include but are not limited to:

Camisoles, lip balms, handcream, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and toothbrushes, Journals, kleenex, baby wipes, socks, pens, fabric, pillow stuffing etc.

The camisole fit perfectly, with the drain pouches, and pocket for the soft insert. It made my at home recovery as comfortable as it could be following a major surgery. It allowed me to feel relaxed about my appearance with friends and family as they came to visit during my recovery.  This program is a much needed service for breast cancer patients, and I will support the program following my recovery, through the scheduled fund raising events.


I love the Camisole! It’s been a go to after having 2 surgeries. 

Many thanks again for the entire bag of great stuff!! It all came in very handy!!


Being a recipient of one of your generous gift bags, I can attest to how grateful we are for your sponsors.

As well as you Barb, who though your personal kindness and generosity makes these amazing gestures to woman in time of need possible. Thank you 😊


As a recipient of the Camisole Project nearly 5 years ago, I’m so appreciative of your efforts.