Camisole Project - Fundraising

This  Because.We.Care. Package is just for you – because we DO care, and want you to know that as you face this breast cancer surgery and diagnosis you are not alone.  We have included items that we know from experience will be helpful to you:

A post-surgical camisole that will make the days following surgery so much more comfortable with drains, a heart shaped pillow for under your arm that will help with the discomfort of a lymph node surgery, a journal and pen for you to use for taking notes at doctor’s appointments, and to write down important things you don’t want to forget, baby wipes to use after surgery when bathing or showering isn’t recommended but you still want a quick freshen up! A pair of cozy socks while you sit and wait for surgery or tests, or just want to relax. A pack of Kleenex – no explanation required xo, and last but not least, an all natural lip balm and calming body butter to give you a lift – it smells and feels so nice!

This is a challenging and life changing experience, and to you we wish so much strength, grace, hope and love.