Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has shown that women who exercise have an improved quality of life and have fewer side effects during and following treatment. Exercise has also been shown to enhance overall health and wellness, improve mood, reduce fatigue, and increase stamina. Some research suggests that exercise may reduce the chances of a breast cancer recurrence.

Tips on Exercise

The beginning of treatment is not the time to begin a strenuous exercise program. You will likely have days that you feel energetic, and other days you may be more fatigued.

  • If you have already been exercising, keep it up as you feel able, listening to your body and allowing rest when your body asks for it.
  • If you would like to begin exercising now, consider starting gently with a walking program. Many patients feel a daily walk improves their emotional and physical well-being during treatment
  • An exercise plan which fits your personality, lifestyle, and health and fitness goals is an important part of breast cancer survivorship.
  • As you move past treatment and into survivorship, you will want to consider the benefits of each type, and develop a fitness plan that works for you.

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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center produced a great series of exercise videos, some of which are below;