Listen as Barb Daize is featured on  boobs, bods & brains Podcast Oct 23/23


When you first receive a breast cancer diagnosis, you will likely be left to wonder where to turn to feel like you are able to get answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had.Today we have the opportunity to speak with, and learn from Barb Daize of BodyMed Boutique in Burlington, ON. She tells us why she started this business and how it has grown and evolved over time. She also highlights the “Camisole Project,” which is a charitable organization Barb started with the sole purpose of making life as comfortable as possible for people moving through their breast cancer journey.

You can learn more about Barb’s store, BodyMed Boutique, and the “Camisole Project” by visiting: on Instagram @bodymedburlington and about the “Camisole Project” both through the website and on IG @thecamisoleproject

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