Janac Mastectomy Wear Been-a-Boob

Breast forms (prosthesis) are used for after a woman has had breast cancer surgery. There are several different types of breast forms including full forms, partial forms and shapers. They can be used after a full or partial mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction.

Breast Forms (prosthesis) should resemble the remaining breast as closely as possible. Shape and size of the breast, fullness, contour and the chest landscape are all taken into consideration when fitting a woman with a breast form. This will help to provide each person with as close to a perfect match as possible. Breast forms (prosthesis) do act like a normal breast, moving naturally when a woman walks and lies down. There are a few medical reasons to wear a breast form as well as helping a woman feel like herself again.
A breast form compensates for the weight of a natural breast, and a properly fitting breast form (prosthesis) helps prevent problems including neck, shoulder and arm issues.

Each breast form is fitted on an individual basis and professional fitters will take into account each clients comfort needs, and which type of form works for each individual.Amoena Natual Light Breast Form

There are a wide variety of silicone breast forms to choose from, some with unique features.

  • A Backing that molds to the chest landscape’s unique shape
  • A backing that has a 3 dimensional surface layer
  • An adhesive backing (adheres to the chest wall)
  • Temperature Control Breast Forms
  • Light weight breast forms
  •  Partial breast forms for imbalanced breasts or women who have undergone lumpectomy.

Beaded breast forms are another option for a breast form (prosthesis) these have a fabric cover, are reasonably priced and are great for exercising and swimming.

There are so many options available to women looking for a breast form. (Prosthesis)

It is so nice to know we have so many choices as we go through a difficult time in our lives.