As you may or may not be aware, Quebec was petitioned and recently approved a new reimbursement program for all women who have undergone a total, radical or partial mastectomy or have had a diagnosis of breast aplasia that is a total absence of breast formation.

This Quebec program will now repay 100% of the estimated cost of external breast prosthesis up to $425 for regular and $250 for partials every 2 years.

Amoena wants to launch a Campaign in the hopes that you will join our drive to get the Ontario Government to obtain the same full coverage for all ladies in need in Ontario.

The petition was started by Diane Hayes owner of Kelly’s Boutique in Ottawa and we are totally behind her in this drive.  We are attaching a copy of the petition and sign-up sheet but we have to let you know of certain formalities/rules that we need to follow in order to make it a success:

Each page of signatures needs the text on top.

Only Canadians living in Ontario are allowed to sign. (their family can sign too)

If there is one signature from someone of another province, the entire page is no good)

All of the petitions and signatures will need to be gathered up and sent in together.  We know who it should be sent to, but  we also encourage you to get in touch with your local MPP and let them know what our intent is.

We are hopeful that we too can be successful and get proper funding for ladies who do not choose to be in the situation that they are in.

2018 Ontario Petition 

Online Petition