Hat – Henry Margu Hair Accent


Designed for comfort, Hair Accents beautifully blended hair is permanently attached to a 100% cotton baseball cap creating a ready-to-wear hair fashion alternative with absolutely no styling needed.

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  • Gently hand wash while soaking in cold water with a dash of shampoo.
  • Thoroughly rinse the wig in clean cold water to remove shampoo.
  • Do NOT brush the wig while fiber is wet. For short styles, allow the wig to air dry on a wig stand or lay flat on a towel. For medium to longer wigs and curly styles, lay the wig flat on a towel to air dry.
  • Once the wig is completely dry, the ready-to-wear styling should return with a gentle shake of the wig. Revitalize spray conditioner will add luster to the fiber.

**Note:  Hats with Grey or Red hair are special order, please allow 10 days**

Available In

Hair Colours: Blonde, Brown, Grey, Red

Hair Lengths: Short, Medium, Long

Hat Colours: Black & Beige

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Blonde, Brown, Grey, Red


Short hair, Medium Hair, Long Hair

Cap Colour

Black, Beige