Wearing compression socks and stockings can be a very important tool in preventing many leg conditions including, venous insufficiency, painful, tired, achy, heavy legs & varicose veins. They are also frequently recommended for use post surgically, in pregnancy and people undergoing diabetic therapy. Compression socks apply a gradient compression or pressure to your leg to help manage venous disorders. The gradient compression socks/stockings apply the highest measured pressure at the ankle and this pressure gradually decreases up the length of your stocking. This promotes blood flow in the right direction which is back towards the heart, even if your valves or veins are damaged
The results of wearing compression garments are almost immediate, and you will find yourself healthier and much more comfortable.

Compression socks differ in many ways and there are 4 classes of measured
compression. A prescription from your doctor is needed for any compression garment over 20 mmHg
Most insurance companies cover compression with a prescription from a doctor.

Compression socks are indicated for some of these common problems:

15-20 mmHg- Tired, achy legs, minor ankle, leg and foot swelling. Some minor leg issues in pregnancy or varicose veins, helps prevent DVT

20-30 mmHg- Post surgical, moderate edema or swelling, moderate to severe issues in pregnancy, post sclerotherapy, superficial thrombophlebitis, helps prevent DVT

30-40 mmHg- Severe edema or swelling, management of venous ulcers, post sclerotherapy, chronic venous insufficiency.

40+ mmHg- Severe edema or swelling, management of venous ulcers, Orthostatic Hypotension, chronic venous insufficiency.

At BodyMed our compression garments include socks and stockings, sports socks, arm sleeves and much more. They are made of soft, breathable fabrics and are offered in a variety of patterns, lengths and fashionable colours. Styles to accommodate men and women are available. Our certified vascular compression fitters are available to help you find the right fit for you.