There a several different types of breast forms or breast prosthesis. There are full breast forms that are worn after a mastectomy and there are partials that are worn after a mastectomy or reconstruction.

Some are silicone, some are filled with beads and some are very light and airy and are filled with fiberfill or foam.

Silicone breast forms are really the most natural looking breast prosthesis on the market today because they mimic a real breast in shape, size, colour and drape.

Other types of breast forms can be great for every day wear, exercising, swimming, relaxing or for use just after surgery.


Partial breast forms are specifically designed for women who experience asymmetry naturally, after breast surgery or reconstruction.

If there is uneven tissue in one breast or missing tissue in the chest landscape a partial breast form could be the answer to smooth and balance things out.

Wearing a breast form can boost a certain confidence in a woman after breast cancer surgery. It may help in the recovery process as well.

It certainly cannot replace her own breast however using a breast form/prosthesis may help her get back to looking and feeling herself again.


Many things have to be considered when fitting a  breast form, such as the breast size, shape, contour, scarring, chest wall variances, type of surgery, edema, comfort and style.

At BodyMed Boutique we pride ourselves on making a mastectomy bra fitting the best experience it can be under the circumstances. We are certified professional fitters with private fitting rooms for your comfort. Our many years of experience will provide you with exceptional care and attention to detail, ensuring the best fitting possible. We guarantee it!