Hot Flash Eliminator Drops


Prevents, reduces or eliminates hot flashes naturally. For use during peri-menopause, menopause, cancer treatments or anytime you feel warm. Hot Flash Eliminator™ is a natural sourced product; created from 4 *flower essences infused in a base of distilled water with a small amount of brandy (as preservative) and energized with Reiki.

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Recommended usage

As preventative

Put 2 drops under your tongue 3 times daily (the last just before retiring for the night).

For immediate elimination

Put 2 drops under your tongue at the onset of a hot flash; it works in less than 15 seconds!

Our guarantee

If after using Hot Flash Eliminator as directed (above) for a minimum of 1 week, you do not experience satisfactory resulting relief, you may return the product to the place of purchase for a full and unconditional refund.

It’s an energy product!

Hot Flash Eliminator™ harnesses the emotional and physical healing properties in a combination of specific Australian Bush flower essences and further energizes the mixture with Reiki energy. The result is a very unique product that works immediately and is totally safe to use. The ingredients are introduced sub-lingually, (under the tongue) hence the speed with which relief is experienced (the same speed as for people taking nitro-glycerine for a heart attack). There are no plant based phyto-estrogens in the product. It will not interact with your medication or with OTC products that you may be taking. Hot Flash Eliminator™ is highly effective and totally safe for those taking prescription medication,